Anonymous Magnetic Poetry, Harvested on Tuesday, Oct. 30

Students, WC consultants, and mischievous wind spirits have been observed moving word magnets on the Writing Center’s magnetic cabinets to create poems. Here are some of the tastiest of Monday’s harvest.


why incubate that stare you dress as knowledge

emerge the shadow of luscious power pictured

in global screams   smear a bitter symphony on

success   a robust hit

     do you feel frantic

          utilize eternity

                     I shot the boy in the black suit

I drool languidly

I please death

by worshipping life


all the men identify a suit above vision


copy delicate form not for profit






create a


a purple flood voids my fiddle

sun sings the garden apparatus

under crushing rain    read tiny life

Two of the poems took on shapes that were impossible to reproduce in word-processor text:

Note how the wordy, weighty corporate-lingo words appear to break the back of the sentence below them.

‘Nuff said.


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