Consultants at the Lake

This Saturday, several WC consultants and their fearless, cargo-shorts-wearing leader set out for Thousand Hills State Park for an afternoon of chili, hot dogs, chili hot dogs, taco salad and various other snacks and drinks.  They played frisbee by the shore, somehow managing to keep the disc away from a watery fate by finesse and hustle, until a certain individual wearing cargo shorts sent it between two people and into the waves. However, while staring ruefully at the frisbee and preparing to abandon it to the fish, they realized it was slowly working its way towards shore. Encouraging it with tossed rocks, and with the chord progression from Elvis Costello’s hit “What’s So Funny ‘Bout (Peace, Love and Understanding)” played on a mandolin, Jamie was eventually able to snag the wayward frisbee with a long stick, to the delight of all.

This propaganda is brought to you by the Writing Center Social Committee (WCSC). The WCSC desires a larger turnout for its future events and is devising a campaign of snark, promises of food, and passive-aggressive arm-twisting to accomplish this objective. When meeting in their usual alleyway, members’ talks have centered around a movie night, possibly with a theme of B-movie horror.

The Social Committee: Enjoyment is voluntarily mandatory.


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