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September 28, 2011

Consultant Biography: Dave Leaton

Dave is the Director of the Truman state University Writing Center.  That is the most interesting thing anyone can say about him.  He was born long ago, before facebook, before Marxism came into fashion for the ninth time, before the internet, before laptops and desktops, before Light Beer from Miller, before the widespread consumption of turkey bacon, before Marxism fell out of fashion for the eighth time, before the Iran Hostage Crisis, before That 70s Show, before disco, before Phyllis and David York’s Tough Love, before Watergate, before Woodstock, before Armstrong skipped to my Luna–right around the time the War in Vietnam stopped being a “police action” and the beatnik identity was finally exhausted.

Dave is from Kansas (the good little bit north of Johnson County, south of the river, and east of everything else). Dave was educated successfully, despite periods of failure, such as the complete rejection of high school in 11th grade.

Dave enjoys doing cooking, cleaning, picking up after the kids, mowing the yard, doing laundry, and daydreaming about doing other things.  He is the occasionally proud father of twins (Dominic, after Steig’s dog, and Olivia, after the pig), but is increasingly channeling his inner Red Forman.

Dave enjoys books by William Steig, China Mieville, Kim Stanley Robinson, Ursula K. LeGuin, Isaac Asimov, J.R.R. Tolkien, Philip K. Dick, Richard Russo, Neal Stephenson, ok, fine, this is going to take forever–I enjoy hundreds, perhaps thousands of authors, and I eagerly await additions.